Take control of the Login Items on your Mac

Requires Mac OS X 10.7


LoginTamer is a free program. I have put a lot of time into writing and testing this program. I would appreciate a donation if you find the program useful. I will be able to dedicate more time to this and future projects if donations are adequate. However you are free to use the program without making any donation.

When you login into your Mac all of your login items will load at once. This process can frequently take a while leaving your computer unusable as all of the applications start up.

LoginTamer allows you to control when the items be loaded. You specify for each item whether it is loaded immediatley at login time, that it will load after a delay following the loading of the immediately loaded items or ban items from loading altogether.

LoginTamer - Edit Window

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You can see items with the clock icon to the left. These items are marked to delay load.

LoginTamer Preferences Window

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LoginTamer Preferences allow you to modify the behavior of how it treats login items

LoginTamer will monitor the items added to your Login Items and will take control of the items as they are added to the login items list.

You control the delay between the loading of the immediately loaded items and the beginning of the loading of the delay load items. Additionally you control the delay interval between the loading of each of the delay load items.

You can configure LoginTamer to automatically mark newly discovered login items to either load immediately, delay load, ban the items or even to prompt you on how to treat each item as they are detected.

You can manually load items from the item list or from the convenient menus on the LoginTamer menu. There is a menu representing any items you have marked as a favorite and a menu for each of the immediate, delay and banned items as well as a menu showing all of the items. 

You can load Applications, documents, Web URLs and server volumes.

LoginTamer Item Menus

Add items to the banned items list and mark them as a favorite to create a quick and easy launch menu for items you don't want to load at login but that you want to have quick and easy access to at another time.

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