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DragnRun is a free program. I have put a lot of time into writing and testing this program. I would appreciate a donation if you find the program useful. I will be able to dedicate more time to this and future projects if donations are adequate. However you are free to use the program without making any donation.

Minimum OS version Required Mac OS X 10.9


Bug Fix

November 4th, 2017 - Fixed bug where adding new items to the queue would result in aborting the previous active job.


I wrote a prograrm to simplify the process of transcoding videos using the HandBrakeCLI command line program. In the process I wound up with a program that can do much more. With DragnRun I can specify the name of the program to run and any parameters required then drag and drop files to process into the window.


DragnRun allows you to run a command line program each time passing it the name of a file from a queue of file names you create by dragging files into the reticle (“Drag Here” in the screenshot below). 

The main DragnRun window

Each file will be processed one at a time, waiting for the previous to finish, until the queue is empty. You can add files at any time by dragging more files into the reticle.

To the right of the reticle is shown the running time of the current job. It will pause when you pause the job queue and will reset to 00:00:00 before each file is processed.


Before you can begin using using DragnRun you will have to configure an action with a command and the parameters to the command. 

Below is a command with a description “Convert Video to 2250kpbs H.264” that will run the command ‘/usr/local/bin/HandBrakeCLI’ with the arguments ‘-e x264 -b 2250 -E av_aac -B 256 -2 -T -i “{W}” -o “{P}/{N}’. The {W}, {P} and {N} are each place holders that will be replaced with parts of the paths and file name of the file being processed. 

Configuration screenshot

Below the Arguments section is an example of the command that will be executed showing the parameters that will be passed along with example expanded macros for the file ‘/Users/DragnRun/myfile.txt’. 

Below the example of the command is a legend showing each of the macros and what they expand into in the arguments.

Pressing the {+] button will add a new action. You can define as many as you wish and have commands for different purposes. The [-] button will remove the current action configuration. Warning: There is no undo if you accidentally remove aa action you intended to keep.

Click Save to save the action. 

Drag files into the reticle where it says “Drag Here”. The number of files that you have dragged over will be indicated inside of the reticle. As you drag more files into the reticle the number will reflect the number of totals files in the queue. 

As jobs are completed the number inside of the reticle will be reduced to reflect the number of remaining files to be processed.

Note while editing the actions the jobs will be paused including the currently active job. This will allow you to finish changing the list before the job processing will continue.

Editing the File List

You can edit the list of files to be processed by selecting “Edit File List” in the “Jobs” menu. It will show the files that are still pending in the queue. The file currently being processed will not be shown. 

Select any of the files in the list and you may remove them by clicking the [-] button below the list.

Note while editing the list the jobs will be paused including the currently active job. This will allow you to finish changing the list before the job processing will continue.

File list editor screenshot


If you select the ‘Jobs’ menu the ‘Pause’ menu item will allow you to pause the currently running job and prevent any more jobs from starting until you resume the activity by selecting the ‘Resume’ option that will replace the ‘Pause’ option while paused.

Exiting the Program

If you select the ‘Quit’ option on the ‘DragnRun’ it will warn you if there is any active job as quiting DragnRun will end any active job as well.

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